Bill BronchickHello, I’m William Bronchick, CEO of Mile High Title & Escrow, LLC. Since 1998, we’ve helped investors close transactions smoothly. People use us because we understand how to do unusual transactions. When other title companies say “no,” we say “yes”, because we understand how investors think and operate. We are a small company and can make decisions on the fly instead of waiting for answers from upper management. Unlike most title agencies, our closings are supervised licensed attorneys… we understand how to do unusual transactions because we deal primarily with investors.

We also can do “escrow” transactions, that is, closings without title insurance. This includes contract for deed, installment land contract, lease/options and other owner financed transactions. Why won’t most major title companies in town close these types of deals? The answer is simple: lack of understanding. Most big title outfits deal primarily with brokers, banks and homeowners, and lack the experience and training in dealing with creative transactions. Therefore, when anything unusual comes along, the answer is usually, “we can’t.”

Give us a try, and you’ll get used to hearing, “we can.”

Your partner in success,

William Bronchick, Esq
Manager, Mile High Title & Escrow, LLC

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